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I swear down we stay spliffted up beer yea we sip it up
but some of di youth dem don’t give a fuck and kill each other over bits of dust/
Running down the money like its a must till the feds pick’em up, meat waggon plenty heads in the truck/
Its a “damn shame” its a familiar scene, thought he was, living the life but it was really a dream/
Until life woke him up and bitch slapped him with the hand cuffs,
Tryna not get shot, with his hands up/
Used to spend it as it came,
Iced out on the block jumping out the range/
Everybody else hustle looking kinda lame,
Knowing where he’s coming from its looking kinda strange/
Gal dem get attracted coz the bother looking paid,
pheinds dem get attracted coz they know he’s got the weight/
Feds dem get attracted coz he’s looking kinda bait,
didn’t listen to the elders now he’s gone astray
to the cell right away/

Its a damn shame (Mothers have cried daughters have yearned fathers)
its a damn shame (Some have been locked up some are departed)
its a damn shame (You have to be careful in the streets brother and we all have to be there one for each other)

Never been one for the beef I’m the peace lover,
everyone tryna be Street till the street touch ya/
Spend my life tryna avoid all the mean muggers,
quick to run up on you as soon as they see suttn/
Greed is a factor that often does motivate,
you wish to reconsider as soon as they close the gate/
Even tho u know its late, like you on deaths bed asking God to hold a space, for you up in heaven/
Can u trust your brethren? these are the questions you should ask when you show them the weapon/
The holder of the secrete's usually the one to leak it,
coming up with plans behind ya back plotting and scheming/
Thought you had angels on your side no those are demons,
didn’t want to hear the woke message so go to sleep then/
Life can knock you right down regardless of how you feeling
every fruit has its season until its ready for squeezing the vicious cycle we breeding



from BadFX & SonoTWS - Together [ZZZ03], released February 7, 2020


all rights reserved



TIREDOFPEOPLE® São Paulo, Brazil

7 / 7
2 4 / 2 4

大 OG Head Nod Muzik
& Street Kulcha From Brazil 大

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