BadFX & SonoTWS - Together [ZZZ03]

by SonoTWS

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Welcome 01:14
Damn Shame 03:12
I swear down we stay spliffted up beer yea we sip it up but some of di youth dem don’t give a fuck and kill each other over bits of dust/ Running down the money like its a must till the feds pick’em up, meat waggon plenty heads in the truck/ Its a “damn shame” its a familiar scene, thought he was, living the life but it was really a dream/ Until life woke him up and bitch slapped him with the hand cuffs, Tryna not get shot, with his hands up/ Used to spend it as it came, Iced out on the block jumping out the range/ Everybody else hustle looking kinda lame, Knowing where he’s coming from its looking kinda strange/ Gal dem get attracted coz the bother looking paid, pheinds dem get attracted coz they know he’s got the weight/ Feds dem get attracted coz he’s looking kinda bait, didn’t listen to the elders now he’s gone astray to the cell right away/ HOOK Its a damn shame (Mothers have cried daughters have yearned fathers) its a damn shame (Some have been locked up some are departed) its a damn shame (You have to be careful in the streets brother and we all have to be there one for each other) rpt. Never been one for the beef I’m the peace lover, everyone tryna be Street till the street touch ya/ Spend my life tryna avoid all the mean muggers, quick to run up on you as soon as they see suttn/ Greed is a factor that often does motivate, you wish to reconsider as soon as they close the gate/ Even tho u know its late, like you on deaths bed asking God to hold a space, for you up in heaven/ Can u trust your brethren? these are the questions you should ask when you show them the weapon/ The holder of the secrete's usually the one to leak it, coming up with plans behind ya back plotting and scheming/ Thought you had angels on your side no those are demons, didn’t want to hear the woke message so go to sleep then/ Life can knock you right down regardless of how you feeling every fruit has its season until its ready for squeezing the vicious cycle we breeding HOOK
INTRO you know there was a time when man was at one with themselves and nature, listening to the birds sing on the tree limbs felling the sun rays and watching the leaves blow in the breeze, all that good stuff, yanaadamean, till one day........ WIFI in the hills fucking up the cultures, integration making way for the vultures/ Fresh turf ripe for exploitation, innocent minds are there for the taking/ come in the name of telecommunication, put up this pole and get a signal from the station/ Before you know it the whole communitys wasting, time and money forgetting their basics/ Globalisation, they say the whole world is a community now but still got borders where you can get locked down or even worse shot down put in a cage separated from pops now/ Caught in a web with devices smarter than your own head while the knowledge you obtain from your ancestors you forget/ Desensitised to murder and all kinds of slackness, often manifested through this rap shit/ Also films and programming, just know that everything is being recorded while you grammin/ Make sure with your moves its the future that you planning, you getting burnt nuh realise the fire that you stand in/ HOOK “INFILTRATION” the Man’s in the ends “INFILTRATION” demanding to be friends ‘INFILTRATION” the weak won’t survive “INFILTRATION” cultural genocide “INFILTRATION” knowledge is power “INFILTRATION” they just use it to devour “INFILTRATION” the minds of the people “INFILTRATION” the times are too evil TEK
The Door 01:56 video
VERSE1 This shit for me and mine not for yours, so perpetrate as an infiltrator and yea could rock your jaw/ Listening to my music smiling trying to spot the flaws, trying to hate but you aint got the balls/ Coz deep down you know dopeness, and you know focus when you see it, and I know fuckrie as I pree it/ So stay the fuck back no squares allowed in my circle some full of negative energy bitterness and they hurt too/ I don’t need that, anywhere near my circumference, your arrogant, talking bout confident/ Quit knocking at my door quit tryna par with us, dem sub par bars are hardly marvellous you too hype can’t you see there’s a calm in us/ Infiltrating agents tryna learn all out slang “you being paranoid Badfx” yea I know that I am/ but sometimes its necessary, when there aint no eyes in your neck back to see all those who would love to see you set back/ moving in shadows and rocking jet black, making it difficult to predict my next step is how I set that/ Gangsters getting violent as they get strapped, sucker emcees putting their feet in shoes where Badfx at..... VERSE2 Theres no entry so fall back with all the sucker shit, the only reason you alive is coz I realised yaint know who you fuckin with/ Privacy and discretion’s the mind set and direction, when we doing our thing we can’t afford no interception/ No skylarks lurking around snitching on the flex, these are the things that really get me vex/ Kendrik told you “be humble”, aint no bursting my bubble unless u searching for trouble, feel my verse like a knuckle/ To the face when I strike, been had my place on the mic and I aint taking it slight no need to hate on the vibe/ Just close my fucking door and stay out, and don’t let that shit clap you in your headback on the way out!
HOOK So many way for us to spread love This isn’t a phase I really need some My people have strayed and now we get none But there’s a million ways for us to spread love rpt. VERSE1 Whats the purpose of spreading love, if you don’t know then its evident you don’t get enough/ you probably need a hug, shit I aint here to judge hard time for a lonely soul yea I bet its ruff/ Me i've had a silver spoon in my mouth most my life in comparison, to say otherwise could be damaging/ Scrapping above the poverty line is how we managing, still spreading love through the world aint no need for panicking/ Only love on my team so rude boy who you challenging, not enough love in your heart you need to cram it in/ Do what you can to keep the peace amongst the people, and stay off the roads because the streets are kinda evil/ You know how it goes we all out here tryna capture some gold, the seesaw of lifesaving to backwards and fro/ But this here is for my boom bap thugs who don’t do wack drugs, you say yo moved weight now move that love/ HOOK VERSE 2 I love my family, I love the way this music keeps me from insanity/ Sono productions gives me a certain clarity, Casually I write on the record and do it rapidly if I loose the vibe I strap a tree and watch it come back to me/ Love, is like a boomerang, I feel a frequency amongst those who I choose to hang/ Even those who are new to man, feel it deep inside of their spirit, spreading love for real not for the gimmicks/ Yo as soon as you hear it, its fresh every time like a new pair of kick when u wear it/ Im passing it down to my seed suttn they can inherit, you gotta be bold with love yea you gotta be fearless/ I spread through the globe my people don’t know any limits, you get when you give it that’s why I roll out never timid/ Im spreading this love to all of the righteous and sinners, can’t discriminate with it, just keep smiling and grinning, and focus on the winning, come on... HOOK
84 Baby born, second inline on his dads side, first and only for the queen, I wish I knew more she was taken from me, 8 years later, forever resting with he maker/ I still hear stories of former glory days way before the stormy days the rebellious seed/ Certain vibes passed down to me, without knowing features are showing, faint memories keeping me going/ I remember the house we used to live in, from a picture of you standing in the kitchen/ I play it off but my whole life been suttn missing, never been the one to play victim, a man's circumstance is his own/ Sometimes I do wish you had a number on my phone at least, a voicemail message or suttn to pree/ I give thanks for those who were around me, giving me the best in life, tryna protect me from this messy life/ I made it just fine despite our differences, im seeing resemblances in your manner through the kids we give/ Continuation of the foundation, the better life is what we now chasing/ Im saving money for the down payments, if you was here you’d have proud statements, all i've got is memories in that place in my life that’s now vacant/ I store them deep inside next to my dreams, hoping we connect when I sleep/ I go to the stone with your name on it sometimes but not enough tho, making the time is tough so/ that’s how it is here in the land of the living, life’s fast not too much time for chilling..... HOOK MAY MY MEMORIES NEVER FADE, STAY WITH ME TIL I’M UP IN THE FOREVER SPACE WITH YOU SHINING DOWN FROM A BETTER PLACE, ANGELA’S GRACE, KEPT ME ON THE NARROW AND STRAIGHT rpt. to fade
O.B.G. 03:02
Scribbling rhymes a million times up in my head, when I rap in front of a crown you could be live or you could be dead im still gonna/ Rip it like an expired ticket, overdid it no you didn’t rap til my soul is missing/ weather you bowling fishing hoping wishing or holding women, slowly sinking or rising, keep your eyes on the prize when/ In life times are depriviing you of your sanity you wonder where your mind went, we bringing it back like vertebrates but you won’t get your spine bent/ To rap like me its all about the timing no apologising when free styling or when writing/ I hope you like it, coz if you don’t that’s up to you im still gone make a buck or two before my rapping days are through/ I’d like to strap a zute, sneeze and give you my rapping flue, but that wouldn’t be practical, DNA wouldn’t match with you/ only so much you can handle, my rhyme style will surround you pound you into the ground have your head in the mud like a cow do/ Whats your value, not much more than a can juice, that’s why when you up on the mic no one can stand you/ Im too much to handle, so don’t try take man for damn fool, embarrass you back stage your whole show get cancelled/ When the mic gets strangled and the mic lead gets untangled only a few can rock after me I move like a champ move/ Get the crowd hype the place sound like a loud fight, Yo check my sound bites played from London to Crown Heights/ Way before Ziplock, I was on the beach waring flip flop, while everyone played dancehall I repped hip hop/ Years later i'm taking this to the tip top, with crazy flows over dope beats phatter than Rick Ross/ Never slipped off, been into this since criss cross with a good ear to know if shits hot/ Apply my own style to the vibe, all of the cyphers are wild, coming on strong never mild, doing this since a child/
Expenses, hitting from every direction, I often wonder how people are out here flexing/ I barley warm up and get the pound to stretching, tryna make the money work out by investing but, The revenue is constantly under attack, gotta stay on the wheel just to put that shit back/ family life aint cheap, every mouth gotta eat, gotta make time for music and work and sleep/ Shit gets real when you see them bill, and not even think about dodging the taxman, he’ll send u go a jail fi go relax man/ You better come up with the p’s if you wanna make moves on any one of your dreams/ I try not to squander since the days of my Honda cheapskate lifestyle tryna live longer/ I’m like a fee magnet, its like every time the bills are all paid I still see madness, so whats the costs? HOOK Whats the cost this time, ill cop it if the price is right, cos u know pockets are kinda tight/ Whats the cost this time, I’m always tryna lower that, but aint we all life’s a hustle and you know that/ The cost this time? how much you say dem people need? Ayo Ayo I swear down its all greed/ Whats the cost this time, oh time itself, shit I need some of that myself
Together 02:57
Girl im up in your head, from the minute we met u needed me up in your bed/ Not only that you needed me all up in your wetness, without even really knowing if you could tek this/ You put me on and made me VIP on your guestlist, soon as we link up you know just what the flex is/ Gossiping to your friends let them know how the sex is, if I step out of your life I’ll completely wreck it, you didn’t expect it HOOK After I got in your head you got in mine, had me reminiscing about the wonderful time, shared/ Always give me a piece of mind, love reciprocated for the very first time, weird/ For me because I’m somewhat of a player or used to be, on to the next one was the MO, usually/ This ones kinda different tho, I must be tripping yo, not like me to stay, I like to dip and go/ HOOK Together we play together we blaze whatever, just tell me the time I know that I’ll change the weather/ I take you on trains I take you on planes whenever, wherever we go just know that the waves are better..... HOOK
Just leave me alone when I’m in a bad mood, many approach me and say this mans rude/ I must be hungry or suttn I need some damn food and a can juice kick back and blaze mad zutes/ Hopefully that takes away my anxiety without giving paranoia seeing everyone eyeing me ain't the one/ Clocking whispers in the background only to confront muthafuckas I never back down/ I be that hard headed, even strong when I’m wrong, ain’t no one telling me nuttn just have your say when im gone/ Vex in your face with curse words, disperse verbs like a word nurse the worst heard, I leave you nerds hurt/ You think that shit is sweet like sherbet, until man sour up the vibe and leave you in a hurst merked/ Now you ready for the earths dirt, living life like guts tryna see if going berserk works/ Road rage driving or not, my vibe you wouldn’t like it a lot, blow you away like wiping a snot/ No hand outs or free ride to the top, you better work hard to stay out of my way before e I slice you a box, aha/ I can tell you side with the cops, I’m smoking on my ganja same way with a strong smell hyping the spot/ Angry bars for you listeners, random vex lyrics im kickin’em Badfx aint begging who isn’t friends to par wit him/ Sonotws bringing them hard rhythms, plus that shit that make you start singing/ Aint got no skills what is your ass brining? nuttn but a screw face like soldiers when they marching in/ your flow stiffer than starched linen, and flow is all over the place like big titties on fast women/ Say you on top but ya aren’t winning, I may par with some heads who ware masks coz they aren’t grinning/ Ray Vendetta
HOOK Ain’t no lions in the jungle, Ayo my jungle is concrete and I ain't never stumble/ I’m riding with the humble, we make the cypher complete when rhyming with no mumbles Merklyn HOOK Torchbearer HOOK BadFX Ain’t to many rivers and tress just shivering knees, in the winter when we building them trees/ We pick’em out never building them seeds, make sure its high-grade if you giving me weed/ Hear me roar through the speaker, like and echo in the savannah, with instructions for getting your hands up/ treating beats like gazelles, tear’em up when I light the L or anytime the mic gets held/ Wild animal on the stage minus the magic show, diseased with this hiphop the beats are my antidote/ Inviting me to your party my question is can I smoke, red eyes at the front door you can tell that I’ve had a toke/ `Yo being the being im am emceeing’s the plan til I’m seeing them grands from being the being I am/ Symmetrical wordplay is what you seeing my man, I see u looking thirsty with this weed in my hand/ But yo chill and take in everything that you just heard, and hopefully, somewhere in it I touch nerves/ Overseas and at home I must work the hip hop richter scale I must jerk and kick up the ground where the dust lurks/ Wack shit must spurt I hit'em with nuff words, nuff verbs in pipes we stuff herbs, tougher than the tough dirt kick you upwards....


BadFX, Jamaican/London Emcee from the collective Omniverses hooked up with Brazilian producer extraordinaire SonoTWS to create this masterpiece which is probably his greatest lyrical contribution to hip hop thus far.

Together explores various subject matters in a deeper way than BadFX has ever put forward before such as love, crime, money, society, death as well as just displaying his usual explosive flow having fun with it all in a boastful way at the same time. The perfect rustic boom bap sound Sono brings complements it all with hard hitting drum patterns and airy, soulful samples.




released February 7, 2020

All songs produced by SonoTWS (@sonotws)
All songs written by BadFX (@badfx)

Mixed by: Tiago Frugoli (@tiagofrugoli)
Mastered by: Figub Brazlevič (@figubbrazlevic)

Artwork by: Elijah Anderson (@spacehose)


all rights reserved



TIREDOFPEOPLE® São Paulo, Brazil

7 / 7
2 4 / 2 4

大 OG Head Nod Muzik
& Street Kulcha From Brazil 大

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